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Frequently Asked Questions

By Aero Database Users

Data & Images

The data is from various sources. The sources we use include type cerificates, research papers, maintenance manuals, equiment lists, websites, government & manufacturer official sources and many other. All of our sources are listed here.

Most images are from Wikimedia Commons. Each picture is available under a specific license, once assigned by the photographer. Aircraft 3-view drawings are from a collection by Richard Ferriere, published with the permission of the original creator.

Data: Yes, but remember to indicate credit, and accept the Terms and Conditions.
Images: Yes, you may use an image as far as you adhere to the terms specified in its license.
3-view drawings: No. Do not republish.

We are keeping the database as current and relevant as possible. Updates are performed daily. If you find outdated information, let us know.

We welcome user contributions and value input from the community. You can submit information, suggest corrections, or share additional details by using this form.

No. We do not provide comprehensive .csv, .xlsx, or .json files. However, for scientific research purposes, we can provide certain subsets of the database. For data inquiries, use our contact form.

Website & Issues

Our website has a diverse audience, including aviation enthusiasts, students, researchers, and people with an interest in aircraft, air forces, airports, and manufacturers. Whether you're a casual aviation fan or someone seeking detailed information on aircraft, our platform is tailored to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of users.

No, our platform is committed to being a free and accessible resource for all aviation enthusiasts. All features and information are available to users without any charges.

Unfortunately, Aero Database is only available in English. We believe focusing on the content of the website rather than providing it in different languages improves the quality of the information.

If you find a bug, please use this form to let us know. Thank you in advance.
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